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  • Retract-A-Gate

    A Retractable safety gate for pets and kids. Usable indoors and outdoors.

    • One locking retractable gate
    • Four clear wall-mounting brackets
    • Screws and finishing washers
    • Users Guide with installation instructions
    • Certified safe at the top and bottom of stairs for children by the JPMA
    • Proven for use with cats and dogs; mesh is scratch resistant
    • Retracts automatically, no manual winding required
    • Quiet operation when opening or closing
    • Tough, washable, see-through fabric
    • Installation is easy and quick
    • Truly operates with one hand to open or close
    • Childproof lock on top prevents it from opening
    • Able to quickly relocate with an Additional Wall Bracket Kit
    • Mesh: 34 inches tall
    • Reel: 38 inches tall
    • Gate size when retracted: About 3 inches in diameter
    • Total width including brackets: UP TO 52 or 72 inches depending on the model
    • Brackets: 2.5 inches wide by 1.25 inch high
    • Brackets mount at 3 and 31 inches off the floor
    • Screws: 2 inches long

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    Varies by size and color
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  • Bow Wow Barrier

    Retractable front and back door pet barrier that opens and closes with the door. This mesh barrier prevents pets from running outside as the door opens or jumping up on visitors at the door.

    Note: this barrier is similar to the Retract-A-Gate, but does not have a locking mechanism and only opens 28 inches wide.

    • One Bow Wow Barrier
    • Four mounting brackets
    • Screws and finishing washers
    Two brackets mount on the wall and two mount on the door. "Snap" barrier into wall brackets; latch handle into door brackets.

    For more detailed information, visit the Bow Wow Barrier website: BowWowBarrier.com

    • 34 inch tall mesh
    • Reel: 35 inches tall by about 3 inches wide
    • Brackets: 2.5 inches wide by 1.25 inches high
    • Screws: 2 inch long for wall; 1 inch long for door

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    $89.50 each (USD)
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  • Safe Railing Guard

    Attach this handy guard to your balcony, deck, or porch railings to help prevent children and/or pets from getting through the spindles.

    Note: This is not an extension or replacement part!

    • Safe Railing Guard Mesh Fabric
    • Ten 17 inch straps for every 5 feet of Railing Guard
    • Users Guide with Installation Instructions
    • Protects children and pets by covering open railings
    • Signifies a closed off area by making a visual barrier
    • Creates a barrier to block the spaces between spindles, either inside or outside
    • Mesh is the same fabric as the Retract-A-Gate
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    • Three colors: Café, Black and White
    • Easy to cut to the exact length you need
    • Not an extension or replacement part
    • Make holes in top and bottom hems.
    • Place straps through holes and around posts.
    • Mesh: 34 inches tall with a 1 inch hem on top and bottom
    • Any length (in 5 foot increments)

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    $30.00 per 5ft. (USD)
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  • Accessories
  • Additional Universal Mounting Bracket Kit

    Used for quick and easy gate relocation or blocking off two areas using a single gate.

    • Four clear brackets
    • Screws and finishing washers
    Each Retract-A-Gate comes with one Wall Bracket Kit. These brackets are universal and allow you to mount the gate in a doorway, around a doorway on the wall, to a banister post or spindle, as well as most other installations.

    The Additional Wall Bracket Kit is needed for scenarios such as:

    • Quick and easy relocation of the Retract-A-Gate (gate "snaps" in and out of brackets within seconds)
    • Useful for blocking off two areas (one at a time) without purchasing two gates
    • Covering two areas next to each other, as shown

    • 2.5 inches wide
    • 1.25 inch tall
    • Brackets mount at 3 and 31 inches off the floor
    • Screws are 2 inches long
    $14.99 each (USD)
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  • Wall Spacer Set

    Used underneath brackets to plumb your installation or avoid baseboard interference.

    • Ten, 1/8 inch thick spacers with pre-molded screw holes
    The distance across the opening (X and Y in Fig. 1 below) must be identical for proper operation of the barrier. Use spacers to adjust the distance. Spacers may also be needed to avoid interference from a baseboard molding during operation.

    How many Spacer Sets should I buy?
    • If the baseboard is less than 4 inches tall (Fig. 2) - put spacers under both brackets per side (2 Spacer Sets)
    • If the baseboard is more than 4 inches tall (Fig. 3) - put spacers under one bracket per side (1 Spacer Set)
    • 2.5 inches long
    • 1.25 inches wide
    • 0.125 (1/8) inch thick
    $6.99 each (USD)
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  • Drywall Anchor Kit

    Used to install brackets to drywall where there are no double wall studs.

    Note: These anchors are for use on 3/8 to 5/8 inch drywall.

    • Two steel drywall anchors
    • Screws and finishing washers
    For the most secure installation we recommend you mount the brackets to a wall stud, a solid door frame or a molding. Most openings offer a secure surface to attach to, but for installations where this is not available, such as in the middle of a wall, we offer the Drywall Anchor Kit.

    Single wall studs are 1.5 inches wide so one anchor would be needed for each bracket since the screws for each bracket are spaced just over 2 inches apart. These anchors are specially chosen for use with Retract-A-Gate and the Bow Wow Barrier. Do not substitute other anchors.

    How many Anchor Kits should I buy?
    • Typically, double wall studs are at corners and door frames (no anchors needed)
    • Areas with a single wall stud behind each bracket require one anchor per bracket
    • Four Anchor Kits are required per gate if no brackets will be mounted to a wall stud or solid wood
    $3.99 each (USD)
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  • Stair Banister Adapter Kit

    Used when mounting the Retract-A-Gate without drilling holes into your posts or spindles. It also works great for wrought iron railings.

    Note: One kit required per post or spindle.

    • One heavy-duty, weather-proof adapter
    • Four 32 inch mounting straps
    • Screws, nuts, and finishing washers
      (Brackets sold separately)
    • Brackets attach to the adapter with included hardware; the adapter gets strapped to the post or spindle
    • Most standard posts require the 36 inch adapter
    • Taller posts may require the 48 inch adapter
    • If the distance from the floor to the upper round or flat area of the post or spindle is more than 36 inches, you will need the 48 inch adapter. This sometimes occurs for posts at the bottom of stairs
    Additional Note: The adapter can be cut to length as needed, but no less than 32 inches.
      • 36 or 48 inches tall
      • 3 inches wide
      • 1.25 inches thick

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      Varies by size and color
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    • Additional Stair Banister Adapter Straps

      Used when moving or readjusting the Banister Adapter or installing the Safe Railing Guard to thicker posts or spindles.

      Note: These are the same straps that come with the Stair Banister Adapter Kit

      • Ten 32 inch straps

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      $10.00 each (USD)
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    • Additional Railing Guard and Gate Connector Straps

      These additional Railing Guard Straps may be needed when moving or readjusting your Safe Railing Guard. Additionally, they may be used as Gate Connector Straps when connecting two or more Retract-A-Gates together in order to cover a wider opening.

      Note: These are not for use with the stair banister adapter.

      • Ten 17 inch straps
      In order to connect multiple Retract-A-Gates together using straps, the handle rod of one gate would connect to the rod of the reel section on the next gate (see pictures).

      This can be repeated with as many gates as you would need to cover your opening. The benefit of this is that you can still easily use one hand to open or close the gates while covering openings wider than 72 inches.

      If you decide to do this, make sure to always lock ALL gates connected together. This use is only for special situations such as non-critical applications or where only a visual barrier is needed.

      Hooking multiple gates together with straps has not been tested or certified for use with children. It is just a special option for certain non-critical applications.

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      $7.00 each (USD)
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    • S-Hook Set

      This set of S-Hooks can be used to connect two or more Retract-A-Gates together to cover wider openings.

      Note: Using S-Hooks to connect more than two gates together is only for non-critical applications.

      • Two steel S-Hooks
      Some customers hook two Retract-A-Gates together using these S-hooks to cover wider openings. Each gate mounts to either side of the opening, then the handle rods hook together in the middle (see pictures).

      This solution is only for low traffic areas and non-critical applications, or where only a visual barrier is needed. When using two gates with the S-hooks you will need two hands.

      Additional Note: This use has not been tested or certified for use with children.
      $2.00 each (USD)
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    • Mounting Clip Set

      This set of clips can be used to mount one Retract-A-Gate above another to create a taller barrier.

      Note: These clips are generally used for pet installations only.

      • Two clips
      Some customers mount one gate above another in order to create a barrier that is taller than 34 inches.

      Retract-A-Gate is one of the tallest gates on the market; however, some pets are very athletic and can jump very high. Mounting one gate above another helps to prevent them from getting over the gate.

      The way it works is to use these special clips to suspend the second gate above the first as shown.



      • 1/2 inch wide
      $1.75 each (USD)
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    • Backpack Tote

      Smart Retract has gone green and so can you with this versatile Backpack Tote.

      Note: These totes are made from remnant mesh fabric from our Retract-A-Gate and Bow Wow Barrier products.

      • One sturdy backpack tote
      This versatile backpack tote is lightweight and comfortable to wear, plus the see-through mesh design allows it to breathe.

      It's perfect for use when carrying your goods from the farmers market and grocery store. It also makes a great tote for biking, carrying your gym clothes or just lugging around a stack of school books.
      $12.99 each (USD)
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